Saturday, 30 November 2013

Layers Brief, final outcome animations

For this brief I did a lot of experimenting and created some physical pictures as well as these little animations.
The original idea was to show them in an enclosed space such as a photo booth or a screened off little room.
I also like the idea of having a bit of music to go along with it but then I thought it would be fun to see what music other people would think of when they saw them and then play around with that somehow.
I originally did them as PDF presentations which is great because they can be full size but unfortunately they are not uploadable.
I will add them as I convert them from pdf to gif but I am having some trouble as they seem to be really large files.. here are some of the pictures and stills from the animations to look at in the meantime:


these are a few stills from two of the slideshows I did, I made 6 in total and used a range of photographs I have taken over the years combining the urban and derelict with the rural and pristine as well as some xrays of myself and bits and pieces of other relevant stuff. It is a sort of self portrait thinking about how we construct layers in ourselves over time and build upon old ideals and priorites with new ones or just smash them down and start again. It refers to the dreams and how jumbles of past and present occur in them.
Ultimately the viewer will be able to see what he or she wants to see and hopefully find a way to relate the concept to their own lives.

Order Disorder/Body Adornment brief

This brief involved a lot of research on order and disorder and then we were to find a way to break down elements and create a piece to interact with the body. I have ideas and maquettes for two full sized pieces that would interact with the body in a fairly non traditional way, the first one is intended to lock a person into a particular position or pose and not necessarily a comfortable one.

 the idea is that the person "docks" into it and the structure is held together by the spine at the back as well as the person interacting with it. I am yet to make a proper maquette for this but will get to it next week.
 The second one is similar in that it is about how a body fits into the structure so this one is a "chair" of sorts but not in any way a practical one, the idea behind these two pieces is to challenge the concept of form and function as being for comfort or practical purposes, neither of these fit that bill!
sculpture is made from the same pieces I am using for the final wearable option.

the idea would be to have 3 shelves and cut out a pose into the structure so the body can only interact with it in one particular and not necessarily comfortable way.. don't get me wrong, not torturously uncomfortable but enough to do what it should.

This brief is now at the making maquettes and planning final outcome stage and not surprisingly I have once again gone straight to geometry, certainly answers the order part! I am looking at tesselations and snowflakes which came about quite randomly after playing with a few clothing design ideas based on fountain pens and steam trains!
It then evolved into an arm piece that went across both shoulders
and has now become this. it really changed as I played around with different configurations of the same little geometrical pieces.

I am making the final piece out of postcards, brochures and promo flyers, stuff like that, I think it gives a nice randomness as well as colour.
So it is a chest and arm piece, will hang around the neck and the structure will extend down both arms as they are held out straight to the sides, I think this will have a pretty dynamic symmetrical effect.

Each piece is made of 3 separate pieces measured and cut individually so it is a lot more time consuming than it looks but it will be worth it when I am done. It has also given me a thousand ideas for some sculpture pieces that I would like to make.

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