Adopt[ed] Slideshow

During the summer a group of colleagues and myself put on an exhibition in the Miriad open space in the Righton building on campus, the incredible people behind Adopt A Slide were the driving force behind this exhibition and it was, in a way a coda to our long fought campaign to save the Visual Resources Centre in the Manchester School of Art.

We held a multi disciplinary event where there were performances, readings, projections, displays and making.

Here are a few images and videos of the work and what we got up to.
There is a roll of film that I shot on slide film not yet developed, I will add these here as soon as I get them.

The videos are to big to embed so links are here
Here is a video of us reading out some of the texts from the Pick A Slide blog

A video of the artists Datamosh performing their piece, this was a riveting piece of work.

One of Sara Davis performance piece

Jan's books being made

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