Monday, 30 December 2013

Postcard and bookmark design project

So this is a really fun brief, we were tasked with designing a set of four postcards and a bookmark for a poetry festival as part of the ticket package. We were given a list of poems to choose from as the theme and ideally are to use one poem for the branding/promo set. I have had loads of workable ideas and the one I am currently working up is that patrons would be given a poster, rolled up like a newspaper, it would unroll to reveal a faux newspaper with headlines and sensationalist stories with the bookmark as the header.
the final will be printed on card heavy enough to go through the post and the cards will tear off with perforations. Here is the one I did today to test out the idea,using four of the poems. I like it, it is a workable idea and I shall do up a few more. Click pics for larger images. update: below this is one I just did today (31st), a light hearted parody on the literary world.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Work for a photography brief

The brief is "Where I am at" and there are many ways this could be interpreted of course, where in the world or in life. I have a few different things on the go for this one. I have been experimenting in the darkroom with some techniques and am relatively pleased with how it is coming together.
Thie images I am working on are about being in the same places every day, passing the same things on the way to and from college or wherever and taking pictures of the same things each time I pass, I do like how they look like there is motion going on, like you are looking at time in a different way almost.
So here are two, it is still a work in progress, more to come later.

this one is comprised of a set of shots taken in a small space during a day at work.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

further developments in artistic magnificence

Well, artistic exploration at any rate. So after much deliberation and conferring with my tutor ( she was so clearly right and honestly echoed my thoughts anyway.. think I was being a bit lazy for some reason) the conclusion has been reached  that, this piece either goes on like this:
Which to be honest is more relevant as the entire idea behind all my pieces originally was restriction of movement or it gets put into second place behind the original docking station idea. I will definitely do this one anyway as it is built and I think with little copper wires coming out of the negative space, in this position to show the back pain that inspired all these concepts but I am currently building the full sized model of the docking station, seriously, why did even think it would not be possible? it is easy and has also taken on a new dimension today.. pics tomorrow. This above however already has some new possibilities.
So there we are.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Just a few photos from around the place

Victoria Baths, Manchester
I took this one at the Hepworth gallery in Wakefield    

Manchester Art gallery
Victoria Baths

My latest images for sale at Shutterstock: