Abandoned Bicycles

I love to ride my bike. Some people, it would seem, feel differently. I have started to capture images of the unloved bikes I see on my way around the place and will put them here because, well someone has to do it. Here are the poor lost souls ( recent finds first) ....and while I'm at it I have no idea why anyone but me would find this interesting but there you go.

Here is probably the oddest of all, this is actually my bike that was stolen just before Christmas 2014, outside the library in Manchester. I reported it to the police with photos and everything but never even got a message back. so some 5 months later I found it while I was out wandering and as it turns out it was just dumped in the woods around the corner from my university, I wonder how long it had been there. The people who took it had trashed it, I resolved to go back the next day and get it, well I got busy and had to put that off for a few days and sadly when I did it was gone but.. still, what a strange thing eh! Farewell blue bike, you were ace, and you were a replacement for a bike that had been stolen so perhaps there was a perpetual cycle ( yes, I know) of bike.. stolen.. replaced.. stolen, etc..

see ya later blue bike.

this one's been here forever, losing more parts

ok, so not abandoned but interesting, hadron collider exhibition, mosi. a bike from cern

a newly abandoned one

at least they're together

 most of these are red, do people buy more red bikes or abandon more red bikes?

it's the rusty and mangled chain that gives it away every time

  not a bicycle but an abandoned motor scooter, it can hang out here with its fallen comrades

this one is not abandoned,
just badass with its massive bell all chained up in Picadilly gardens while its owner hits the town.

this one was here for ages, I took a photo of it every day for a while ( for a college project)  til one day it was cut down :(

There are others who also feel bad for the poor lost cycles of the world

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