Tuesday, 3 December 2013

further developments in artistic magnificence

Well, artistic exploration at any rate. So after much deliberation and conferring with my tutor ( she was so clearly right and honestly echoed my thoughts anyway.. think I was being a bit lazy for some reason) the conclusion has been reached  that, this piece either goes on like this:
Which to be honest is more relevant as the entire idea behind all my pieces originally was restriction of movement or it gets put into second place behind the original docking station idea. I will definitely do this one anyway as it is built and I think with little copper wires coming out of the negative space, in this position to show the back pain that inspired all these concepts but I am currently building the full sized model of the docking station, seriously, why did even think it would not be possible? it is easy and has also taken on a new dimension today.. pics tomorrow. This above however already has some new possibilities.
So there we are.

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