Monday, 1 June 2015

The Scrap Book Project

A project making sketch/ note books from scrap and left over materials.

Like most artistically inclined people I don't like to throw things out, I think everything has another life, another use and so much of what is thrown away as scrap and waste can be useful. Not to mention the general collecting of stuff that "I might need one day" This can be good but can also lead to amassing a huge amount of stuff.  I happen to love paper and cardboard and all that so have collected stacks of it over time, every now and then I have a cull and then a few months ago, inspired by a project a friend of mine did and the fact that I have been making my own notebooks for a long while now I thought I would put all this to good use and came up with the Scrap Book Project.

My aim is to make, by hand out of scraps and left over materials, 1000 notebooks, sketchbooks etc of all different paper styles, shapes and sizes. They are deliberately pretty rough and ready, as the materials dictate really.

It is going to take a long time and I have 15 books made so far, just plugging away at it I calculated that to get it done in three months I will need to make 30 a day... probably best then to not put a deadline on it and get it done when it is done.

The idea is to hold an event during the Big Draw where the books are all put in a huge pile and people are encouraged to take them, draw and write in them and then send me pictures which will all go on a blog. Of course this will probably all change knowing me and it will end up doing something else entirely!

Check back in a year and I might have them finished!!

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