Saturday, 1 August 2015

Pomona, a day of action

An update and a few pictures from our Pomona Picnic 

Photo by Mark Backhouse of Salford

Photo by Mark Backhouse of Salford

Photo by Mark Backhouse of Salford

On a typically grey and rainy summer's day about 40 or so of Pomona's fiercest allies and strongest supporters gathered under the tram station to see what we could do about keeping the place from the bland much hated plans currently being put forth.

Veteran campaigners, artists, students, teachers, councilors, wildlife experts, architects, Landscape architects, engineers and Mancunians of all backgrounds and ages and many more people with an interest in the future of Pomona came together, we talked ideas and what ifs, universally agreed the current plans were seriously lacking in any redeeming value and explored the place, looked for birds and wildflowers of note, picked and ate glorious ripe blackberries, got rained on, had a picnic on the riviera and generally enjoyed the space as well as made a lot of great new connections.

It felt positive, it felt like a good start and a foundation for putting forward really viable alternatives, the Manchester Mule came to talk to us and James Walsh imparted his considerable knowledge to people who were only too eager to hear what he had to say. Everyone was inspired and the time spent out there, rain aside gave us all a lot to think about.

We still only have a short time to register objections either in writing to Trafford Council, information here, And Details here on how to do it online, simply register with the council's website, login and make your objection.

And with signatures and passionate comments on the petition surpassing 1000 and steadily growing this is having a far reaching impact so please add your name if you have not already.

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