Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Imagined landscapes, abstract worlds slide project

Here are some images from my current work in progress.

I am working with a set of large transparencies from the Astronomy department at the University of Southampton, the transparencies are a series of images of the universe and will feature in an exhibition at the Soton Astrodome in March 2018.

I have combined cropped sections of the space slides with some end pieces of photo negative rolls, pieces with a lot of interesting edges, colours and textures and the combination creates abstract landscapes, imagined worlds and views of horizons that don't exist.

The viewer is standing at the horizon looking out into space from somewhere in space.

Eventually these images will be projected side by side in a series, they look amazing projected due to the detail and texture of the universe and the lovely colours of the damaged end pieces of film but for this Exhibition they will be scanned & printed and shown as as landscape pictures, in portrait orientation of course.

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