Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome, on the right you will find links to sites where I have royalty free stock Illustration for sale.
If you are a designer looking for images and you see something you like but would like a few changes, contact me and I'll put together the right images for you.
Over the next little while I'll be adding some of my artwork and photography.
This page is brand new so I'll be updating all the relevant content as often as possible or relevant.
I will also offer a free stock image every fortnight or month, (I'll see how it goes), All I ask that you give image credit and provide a link back to where the work is being used so I can see where my images end up once they liberate themselves from my hard drive.
Do you need images for your blog? I've got all kinds,just click the examples below for information on how you can get good quality blog sized images free, no more jagged edged resizes! So please, go on in, have a look around, I hope you find something you like and can use it.

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Peter Chen said...

Hi Megnomad,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Redirect visitors from a blog to another blog or website. I have responded to your comment.

Peter Blog*Star
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