Monday, 30 December 2013

Postcard and bookmark design project

So this is a really fun brief, we were tasked with designing a set of four postcards and a bookmark for a poetry festival as part of the ticket package. We were given a list of poems to choose from as the theme and ideally are to use one poem for the branding/promo set. I have had loads of workable ideas and the one I am currently working up is that patrons would be given a poster, rolled up like a newspaper, it would unroll to reveal a faux newspaper with headlines and sensationalist stories with the bookmark as the header.
the final will be printed on card heavy enough to go through the post and the cards will tear off with perforations. Here is the one I did today to test out the idea,using four of the poems. I like it, it is a workable idea and I shall do up a few more. Click pics for larger images. update: below this is one I just did today (31st), a light hearted parody on the literary world.

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